Welcome to ParaLabs!

A Living Lab of Change Agents for Transforming Consciousness

ParaLabs is a living community laboratory
for people who increasingly understand and feel
that transforming consciousness requires us
to actively transform with one another
in order to truly transform ourselves.

In ParaLabs, we experiment together with the rich material of our personal experience and imaginations to foster higher levels of awareness, connected relationships, and play our role as change agents advocating for positive transformation of human consciousness. There's no doubt the world needs it.

You’re invited to be a change agent with us - no prior experience necessary! Come shake off the destructive hyperindividualism of modern society by collaboratively, creatively, and experientially exploring our Personal and Relational Awareness - the “Para” in ParaLabs. 

We literally cannot do it alone. And we don’t want to. 

The Personal is the Relational

Society has programmed us to think we can and must do everything on our own. This is a lie. Yes, we all have personal work to do, but the deeper truth is that every way we turn, we are in relationship. We can’t escape it. Personal work is relational work, and relational work is personal work. 

You could continue the often-lonely and isolated personal growth path - we’ve been there. But why would you? The increased energy and awareness created through true community collaboration eases the individual burden as it empowers all of us. You can make the burden a little lighter, fun even, by joining this interactive, playful community of intentional souls transforming together.

Collective Wisdom:
A Practice of Participation

ParaLabs prioritizes the power of the collective wisdom. Your knowledge, experience, and imagination are highly valued as an integral part of realizing this collective wisdom. This requires your Participation. By design, we are all here to participate as givers and receivers. If the idea of Participating scares you a little, we understand. Our Guiding Principles and ParaMethodology create a supportive and encouraging environment for everyone to Participate.

Guiding Principles

ParaLabs is based on the fundamental principle that one of our deepest human desires is realized connection.  We realize this connection when we foster personal and relational awareness in the co-created present moment. This requires us to energetically attune to ourselves, one another, and the process we’re all in together. 

Our Guiding Principles, developed by this community, focus on “Energetic Attunement” - an individual and collective regulation of our personal and relational energies. These Guiding Principles foster a collaborative and productive space for the collective wisdom to emerge. While holding that we’re all works in progress, our Guiding Principles encourage us all to:  

  1. Desire DEPTH and Be Willing to CHANGE


  3. Honor Individuality, DIVERSITY, and Complexity

  4. Seek Similarity, PARTNERSHIP, and a Spirit of Helpfulness

  5. Engage CURIOSITY and Listen Well

  6. SUSPEND JUDGMENT and Disbelief

  7. Practice SPACIOUSNESS and Flexibility

  8. Take Personal RESPONSIBILITY

  9. Practice and INTEGRATE Realizations

  10. ENJOY a Holistic Sense of WELL-BEING, CONNECTION, and FUN

  11. TRANSFORM through Expansion

The Guiding Principles are discussed in greater depth inside. Prior to participating, we ask all members to acknowledge and agree to strive for these principles.

Do these Guiding Principles resonate with you?
Join ParaLabs to learn more.

The ParaMethodology
Activates Participation

It’s not always easy to find deep, meaningful connection in a group - even with close friends. The ParaMethodology turns on the “collective wisdom machine” - easing the transition to active participation and deeper engagement so that we, together, evolve toward higher human consciousness. Foundational elements of the ParaMethodology include:

  • Holistic Approach that honors and actively engages our body, mind, heart, and spirit throughout the process.

  • Collaborative Conceptual Engagement that invites our individual perspectives and engages us in conscious dialogue as we take a deep dive into a concept that facilitates or inhibits connection. 

  • Co-Created Experiential Exploration that employs our collective imagination and helps us understand and feel concepts in more embodied, relational, and experiential ways.

  • Expansive Practices and Integration that invites us to share practices and resources we already know and love, and to co-create new ones that help us embody, transform, and be accountable to what we’ve learned and realized. 

The ParaMethodology invites in the existing knowledge, experience, and practices of participants and empowers all members to easily share, lead, create and explore with one another. The ParaMethodology is a springboard to greater collaboration, limited only by the creativity, imagination and willingness of the community. 

What is a ParaLab?

An individual ParaLab happens when a group uses the ParaMethodology to experiment with and explore a specific concept together. A ParaLab can occur in multiple ways, including over a couple of weeks in a hosted online lab, a few hours in a single session or multi-session live facilitated event, or even multi-week modules covering several concepts, often surrounding a larger theme.

Joining a full ParaLab is a great way to experience the complete ParaMethodology in action, yet only one way to become an active, participating member of the community. There are many ways, online and off, to engage the community and find connection. In ParaLabs, you get to choose your own adventure.

The Results of Participation

Our members describe their experience as "life-changing," "absolutely critical," and "nothing less than transformative." But, results like these don't just magically appear in your life because you join a community. If only it were that easy! To reap the many benefits of ParaLabs, you'll need to actively participate. And, when you do, you’ll connect with other members who report experiencing:

  1. Higher levels of personal and relational awareness throughout all aspects of life.

  2. Improved relationships with family, friends, coworkers, and romantic partners.

  3. Feeling less alone, isolated, misunderstood, or anxious and more seen, heard, known, loved and connected.

  4. Higher levels of mindfulness, presence, and neutrality - increasing the ability to navigate ambiguity and hold opposing viewpoints.

  5. A more nuanced and compassionate understanding of people.

  6. Expanding and deepening sense of belonging, acceptance, curiosity, and patience.

  7. Fulfillment from authentically offering and receiving support.

  8. Increased levels of fellowship, conviviality, and personal sovereignty. 

  9. Expanded capacity to reflect deeply and collaborate imaginatively.

  10. Empowerment as a change agent to “be the change they want to see in the world.”

This is transformation of consciousness.
Join us if you agree.

What’s Included in Membership?

ParaLabs, the ParaMethodology, and everything we co-create all simultaneously weave together online, “live” virtually, and in-person. The creative and improvisational nature of ParaLabs means that what we offer is constantly expanding with the participation in the community. The following begins the evolving list of what is included:    

  1. An engaging, supportive, and thoughtful community of seekers, connectors and change agents.

  2. User friendly online community platform designed for engagement and participation, available on your computer and mobile device.

  3. Hosted ParaLabs that facilitate dynamic, active engagement, including online and offline, real world activity.

  4. Virtual and “live” opportunities to connect, including meet-ups, conversations, experiences, practices, events, and more.

  5. Access to the supportive resources used and created by the community, which include embodiment activities, visualizations and meditations, substantive writings, experiential activities, integration practices, shared external resources and events, and more as the community creates and shares with one another. 

  6. Engaging courses on how to play, support, and lead in the ParaLabs community. 

  7. Opportunities to collaborate in creating, building, and expanding the community.

  8. Premium offerings available for reasonable, additional costs will include facilitator training, facilitated Live ParaLab sessions and multiweek modules, substantive courses, special events, and more.

  9. Becoming an active part of the transformation of consciousness - your own, others, the ParaLabs community, and the wider world.

What’s better than belonging to this community?
Creating the community together
that makes belonging to it really matter.

What’s the Price
of ParaLabs Membership?  

$0 for our Founding Supporters
until the public launch in October 2021. 

Beginning in October 2021, 
we estimate the base price will be $30-$40/month to participate in weekly live, facilitated ParaLabs and other premium features. The general community will remain free.

Want to Support ParaLabs Expansion?
Become a Founding Sponsor! 

Given the state of the world, ParaLabs ultimately hopes to reach thousands of people who desperately long to be part of a community like this. For now, we are  focused on building the foundation of the online ParaLabs community. We're looking to raise $75,000 in 2021 to help cover initial administrative and start-up costs. As we build and refine our offerings, we will actively seek opportunities, partnerships, and funding that will help ParaLabs expand to an increasingly wider audience.

If you’d like to support this effort to bring ParaLabs to life, consider becoming a founding sponsor.  We greatly appreciate donations in any amount! No donation is too small.  

Please make checks payable to ParaLabs, LLC or send donations via PayPal @ParaLabs or via Venmo @ParaLabs-Community. Donations are not currently tax deductible.

So Much Gratitude!

We thank and honor our friends, family, and community who have supported our initiatives and joined us in building this community together. We have been inspired by your enthusiasm and bolstered by your support. 

This is most definitely a community effort, and we wouldn't have wanted it any other way. May we all grow together as we play our role, individually and collectively, as change agents transforming consciousness and contributing to the wider effort to make the world a better place.

Much love, 

Ben and Les
Co-Founders of ParaLabs

A little about Ben and Les

If you had told us five years ago that we'd be at the center of or founding multiple community initiatives, we wouldn't have believed you. Gratefully, you can't always predict or control how life is going to end up.

After decades in successful yet unfulfilling professional careers, we felt increasingly called to leave behind old lives, break free from social conditioning, and participate more intentionally in our own lives and the lives of those around us. 

As we opened ourselves to the deep experiential learning that comes from participating with others, we witnessed the undeniable power of collaborative community to meet the collective need and deep desire for connection. The more we felt the benefits of participating in community, the more we wanted to offer the same to people everywhere. This is the essence of ParaLabs and represents our best effort to foster what we believe is possible for ourselves and others.

Contact information: [email protected]

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