Welcome to ParaLabs!

ParaLabs is a Co-LABiterative ExPARAment in AWAKENing INTENTIONal SPIRITual CommUNITY.

Awakening. Enlightenment. Awareness. Self-Inquiry. Spirituality. Consciousness. Mystery. Mindfulness. Transcendence. Humanity. Divinity. Multidimensionality. Direct Experience. Diverse Paths and Practices. Emergence. Experimentation. Altered States. Authenticity. Reflection. Dialogue. Relationship. Connection. Collective Wisdom. Integration. Support. Accountability. Evolution. Fulfillment. Wholeness. Partnership. Shared Leadership. Seriousness. Play. Community. Community of Communities.

Feel Resonant?
Yeah, it’s what we want too.

ParaLabs is an evolving spiritual community exploring awakening together. Awakening to the fullness of our divinity as expressed in these miraculous, capacitous, vital, sensitive, sensorial, unique, evolving, temporal human forms. This awakening includes honest acknowledgement of the light and the dark, the connection and separation, uniqueness and sameness, that lives in all of us.

We’re experimenting and learning how to play in and explore our multidimensionality together. We’re focusing our collective attention to attune to one another and to Spirit, to find coherence, to bring about change in our own lives and maybe even in the world. Our capacity to offer change to our struggling world will live through us as we learn to evolve ourselves. And, as we evolve, we will learn how to come together in increasingly larger and more impactful ways. 

We get to pursue our awakening however we want - unconstrained by traditional and exclusive religious approaches. Yes, we can learn from them, but we’re not bound to them. Spirit is available to us in every moment, lovingly inviting us into the direct experience of its present aliveness. Awakening is possible and available to us in every moment. And, we must explore and make this happen together. The fullness of awakening happens collectively.

You're Part of Awakening 

Spiritual Community If You Want to Be. 

If You’re Here, It’s Yours.

Here’s How We Do It. 

The ParaLabs Community includes weekly, online ParaLabs and ongoing, emergent community-generated offerings.

Emergent Exploration in Weekly ParaLabs. During the weekly ParaLabs (currently offered on Tuesday evenings 7-9p EDT), we meet on Zoom for a couple of hours to connect with one another, share in practices, explore specific concepts and questions, work in small groups, offer perspectives, listen, welcome emergent practices and games, organize, collaborate, play, pray, attune, integrate, and awaken. The weekly ParaLabs prioritize co-creation, collaboration, and shared leadership. The ParaLabs are facilitated just enough to create a container that encourages the embodied collective wisdom and practices to emerge. 

Ongoing Connection in The ParaLabs Community. The general ParaLabs community offers an extensive social network for members to connect and explore together. The network includes tons of different features to post, share, comment, plan events, and connect with others. As a member, you are invited to self-organize offerings or work with other members to create, plan, and offer activities. Offerings potentially include book clubs, podcast discussion groups, shared practices and resources, meet-ups, in-person and online events from inside and outside of the community, plus the idea you steward!

This is an opportunity to bring people together around shared interests. What do you want to explore and learn about? What will support your awakening? Let’s find a way to make that happen.

Visioning a Community of Communities

One of the most important missions of ParaLabs is to find and connect like-hearted communities (“Partner Communities”) to one another. It’s always such a joy to discover communities out there doing similar work. Imagine how much more we will learn, discover, create if we connect whole communities of people together. Big things can happen on all levels as we find our collective way to one another. The world is in need of the loving efforts our increasing connectedness can provide.

Let’s find our way to one another!

Become a Partner Community! The ParaLabs Community Network can help us move beyond our small community islands so that we, as Partner Communities, can share, learn, expand, organize on increasingly connected, collective  community levels. We can help you create an online network specifically for your community within the larger ParaLabs community. Most of the features in the larger ParaLabs Community Network can be set up for your community's specific needs. Partner Communities can be local and geographically proximate or share a similar substantive interest. 

If you’re part of a like-hearted community, join ParaLabs and see what we’re about. Then, let’s talk about how we can find ways to bring our communities together so that we all can reach our highest individual and collective potential.

We’re Not Charging.
And, It’s Not Free. 

We’re not charging because we believe awakening community should be available for ALL. AND, this community experiment will only thrive if it is sustainable. We’re asking for your commitment - a commitment of intention, energy, effort, expansion, and, yes, your financial support. As you find value here for yourself, see the value for others, and for the world, we ask that you give generously to support the change you want to see in the world. 

(PayPal payments can be made through the mobile app or the website.)

(Venmo payments can currently only be initiated with the mobile app.) 

To donate by cash or check, please write to [email protected].

To support our work in non-financial ways, please join our community and find more details inside, or write to [email protected].

Awakening Spiritual Community Awaits.

Join Us!

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